Our Pacific Rim attorneys provide business law, corporate law, intellectual property, and litigation services for business entities and persons with a focus on China and Japan.  We have lawyers who read, write and speak Chinese.  We provide Asian legal services in two ways. First, we assist businesses that wish to expand into the United States or that are already here and are encountering business problems, such as a need to license technology, establish a distribution system, acquire or merge with another company, establish employee guidelines or handle employee relations, comply with United States antitrust laws, and purchase real estate. We provide specific legal advice on how to conduct their business in accordance with United States laws, and on what to do when they are sued or wish to bring suit in a United States federal or state court.

Second, we assist American businesses and individuals that wish guidance on dealing with Chinese and Japanese business entities overseas, including advice on which types of business structure and methods can provide optimum results for the American business entity and how to foresee, and provide for, the inevitable handling of disputes involving businesses in China, Japan and elsewhere in Asia.  We do this in the context of uniquely understanding the business and legal environment in Asia particularly from an Asian perspective and from an American perspective.  We also provide sophisticated advice on how to plan for and deal with legal problems and litigation in China, Japan, and other parts of Asia when troubles arise, including the optimal forms of international arbitration agreements for resolving or mediating disputes in Asia.

Our Pacific Rim attorneys have extensive experience with Asian cultures and practices.  One of our partners has worked for twenty-five years with agencies of China's Central Government organizations and with the Shanghai Municipal Government. He also teaches a law school course on Asian Legal Systems at the University of San Francisco Law School.  We strongly support the Chinese Cultural Foundation in San Francisco, the San Francisco-Shanghai Friendship City Committee, and other local Asian organizations.