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Our business & corporate attorneys provide prudently aggressive, cost-effective, and creative solutions to resolving complex domestic and international business disputes through negotiation, mediation, arbitration, administrative hearing, trial, and appeal.


Dillingham & Murphy attorneys understand business and the business issues that drive the dispute resolution process.


Our lawyers have successfully resolved a wide variety of domestic and international disputes including:


  • Antitrust

  • Breach of contracts

  • Commercial and private lending

  • Control and dissolutions (partnerships, limited liability companies, and corporations)

  • Consumer class actions

  • Director and officer liability

  • Equipment leasing

  • Failure of warranties on goods and services

  • Fiduciaries and agents

  • Intellectual property misappropriations and infringements

  • Public and private investment securities

  • Real estate and asset foreclosures

  • Real estate lending, leasing, and sales

  • Unfair competition


Our counsel emphasize early objective dispute evaluations to help our clients quickly understand the dispute resolution risks, target reasonable goals, and establish reasonable budgets. Throughout the process, our attorneys continually reassess the risks and candidly communicate with each client so that our client can continue to manage that business and participate on a fully informed basis in the resolution of their dispute.

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