Our business and corporate attorneys provide private general counsel and discrete transactional services through all stages of business development, including startup, emergence, growth, maturity, and dissolution.  From diversified multinational publicly traded companies and cutting-edge technology companies to neighborhood brick and mortar companies, our attorneys understand business and the business issues that drive our client’s transaction.

Dillingham & Murphy attorneys represent a wide range of public, private, and nonprofit companies doing business in the United States and abroad, including Canada, Latin America, Europe, and Asia, with a particular emphasis on China, Japan, and the Philippines.


Our areas of experience and expertise include:


  • Commercial real estate acquisition, financing, leasing, and subleasing. 

  • Commercial transactions. 

  • Consulting and professional services. 

  • Divestitures and liquidity events, including mergers, acquisitions, bulk-sales, earn-outs, buy-outs, succession transfers, and wind-ups and dissolutions. 

  • Entity selection, structuring, control, governance, reorganizations, and exit strategy planning. 

  • Equity participation incentive rights, including qualified and non-qualified stock options, stock appreciation rights, restricted stock participation rights, and stock bonus awards. 

  • Executive employee and independent contractor formations and severances. 

  • Finance, including private securities offerings, angel and institutional venture capital, commercial and private secured and unsecured lending, and letters of credit. 

  • Fleet acquisition, leasing, and subleasing of intermodal transportation equipment, including railcars, over-the-road trailers, and containers. 

  • Intellectual property acquisition, development, licensing, distribution, transfer, and divestitures. 

  • Manufacturing and distribution channels, including OEM, distributor, reseller, and sales representative networks. 

  • Nonprofit public benefit, mutual benefit, and religious corporations, including development and implementation of the Carver Policy Governance Model. 

  • Strategic growth opportunities, including joint research and development programs, joint ventures, asset acquisitions, mergers, and business acquisitions.

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