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July 15, 2022 – Dillingham & Murphy’s 40th Anniversary

That’s right. July 15, 1982. Dillingham & Murphy opened its doors for the first time. Two lawyers and one secretary. Two clients. Borrowed money. Neither Bill Dillingham nor Bill Murphy could really say whether they would last 40 days. If someone said, “What are the odds you’d last 40 years?” both lawyers would probably have bet the mortgage payment and taken the under on that proposition.

It’s turned out to be a great ride. We’ve been privileged to have great partners, great associates, and a terrific support staff. And wonderful, diverse clients with an array of issues that we’ve been pleased to address.

Although Bill Dillingham isn’t with us to celebrate, the legacy he and Bill Murphy built – with help from their partners (Cross Creason; John Dahlberg; Carla Hartley; Jack Henning; Dennis Kelly), of counsel (Ty Prosser; the late Tom Klitgaard), associates (Cynthia Cheung; Bernice Wu; Jenny Liao) and an outstanding support staff (Debbie Petersen; Frann Weaver; Chelli Becker; Tracey Warren; Sharon Ardissone; Lilian Santamaria; Melody Pilotte; Peter Torp) – remains vibrant.

And we still have the hunger and drive we had back in 1982: to help our clients overcome and thrive! So today we’ll take a short break and pat ourselves on the back. Then it’s back down to business, heading for 50!


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